My aim with this website is to list as much repertoire for horn ensembles (3 or more players) as possible. My focus, similar to my arranging practice, is on music for 5 or more players, but hopefully I’ll eventually be able to add a considerable part of the horn quartet repertoire as well.

Feel free to use the browse and search menu options – most of the site navigation should be self-explanatory. I have attempted to make the information accessible in the most useful way:

  • directly accessible listings limited to ranges of composers and arrangers, and specific instrumentation
  • a search function that allows searching for specific information and then sorting the resulting (limited) listing
  • for those interested in updates (to the site), a listing ordered by date with latest additions first

Clicking on the title of a work will lead to a details page containing a wide range of information. Depending on what is applicable, this includes: title, original title, composer, year composed, editor, arranger, year arranged, original instrumentation, type of arrangement, availability, publisher, year published, catalogue number, sheet music format, number of horns, additional equipment, number of other players, other instruments, difficulty, duration, structure/movements, clefs, meters, key signatures, range, comments, external links, sound clip, sheet music.

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, suggestions for improvement, or requests to include certain works. Do note, however, that I will need to see a score in order to be able to gather all the information. In order to adhere to copyright requirements I am much more likely to respond to composers/arrangers/publishers, and it is more useful (to the horn community) if a work is available in some form. I am more than happy to upload and make available a work for free if there are no copyright restrictions.

Enough said, browse away! Hopefully you’ll find something interesting for your ensemble’s next performance.



About me:
Armin Terzer
Armin Terzer was born in Italy, attended the Royal College of Music to study horn, played professionally in various orchestras in Europe, Asia and Australia, and completed a doctorate in “transcribing symphonic repertoire for 8 horns” in 2011. Besides doing arrangements for various combinations of chamber ensembles, Armin is the founder and artistic director of BoB – Best of Brass, and was recently appointed Professor of Horn at Northwest University for Nationalities, dividing his time between China and Australia.

Armin’s arrangements are published by Corniworld Publications.

For those interested in what I have to say about arranging: Transcribing Symphonic Repertoire for Eight Horns: Principles and Process Leading from Sources of Inspiration to Final Product